Interview: Customer Service is the New Marketing

During the Web 2.0 Expo in New York I filmed a series of interviews. The focus was always the same: how can traditional business look to get the benefit of social technologies? This interview is with Lane Becker of Get Satisfaction (Disclaimer: OATV, O’Reilly’s VC arm, is an investor in Get Satisfaction).   Lane’s point about “Customer Service is the New Marketing” is dead-on.   Customers now control the conversation – and companies need to understand how a powerful customer service focus can create an army of brand evangelists.  The video appears below – however Lane has agreed to answer questions to my original Radar post here:

The most insightful moment in my opinion comes when Lane talks about how even smaller companies and companies not structured to deliver superior customer service can use new technology to get it right.



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3 responses to “Interview: Customer Service is the New Marketing

  1. A. Kemp

    This is a great video – It feels like everything is the “new” marketing. Even marketing.

    I attended your webcast and thought the whole notion of listening as the launch point for evangelizing social technologies in my company was helpful. I have already started. When is the next webcast that was mentioned?

  2. @A
    I think you are exactly right – marketing is going horizontal as a discipline. I am going to blog about that shortly.
    I will post next webcast on as well as here…

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